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First super model, who never took part in any fashion show   Lesley Hornby, known as Twiggy, became a fashion icon and a face of the whole fashion industry in the 60s and 70s. She started her

First super model, who never took part in any fashion show


Lesley Hornby, known as Twiggy, became a fashion icon and a face of the whole fashion industry in the 60s and 70s. She started her way out there at the age of 16, when she met a hairstylist Leonardo and became the face of his beauty line in London. The first photo-shoot of Lesley with a short haircut was done by Barry Lateganom. He was the one who came up with a memorable nickname – Twiggy. In 1966 Twiggy has been recognized by Daily Express as a Face of the Year. Soon she became the face of the fashion industry of 1960 in London, and the icon of the subculture mod. Her best shots were done by photographers Helmut Newton and Cecil Beaton. Some fashion gurus say that it was Twiggy who can be called the first supermodel. Millions of women around the world started to lose weight until exhaustion, did same make-up and copied extremely short haircut of blue eyed model.


It has become a hallmark of the whole decade. In 1970, Twiggy suddenly declares that she finishes her modeling career. In 1971, Twiggy was awarded two awards “Golden Globe” for her role in a musical “Boyfriend”. In 1988 she married the actor Leigh Lawson and took his surname. In the 1990s, he campaigned against the use of fur in the fashion industry. Twiggy was constantly acting on television, as a guest star in numerous TV shows. In 1976 she was invited to star in a popular puppet TV show “The Muppets”. She also appeared as a judge on the popular TV show “America’s Next Top Model” in season 5 – 9.





Twiggy was the first real prototype of the living Barbie. Twiggy Barbie was produced in 1967-68. London’s top teen model (as it was advertised), was similar to the original – the same bright, close-cropped hair, “real” eyelashes, framing the big eyes … In 1967, the doll was dressed in a striped mini dress and yellow shoes, in 1968 her “dowry” was supplemented not only with new little things, but also cosmetics, which was all that was needed to make real Twiggy – from powder puffs to eyeliner. Only after Twiggy doll appeared doll twins of Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Cher and many other stars. Millions of girls around the world, who wanted to be Twiggy look alike, were refusing to eat and falling into the hungry syncope, while Twiggy, by her own admission, always ate what she wanted… She didn’t eat cotton balls, soaked in orange juice – DON’T DO IT!! it’s dangerous!! Leslie worked as a model as long as she could enjoy it.


Twiggy, who was not tall – 5.4 ft – has never taken part in any fashion show, but she gladly worked for the best photographers – Richard Avedon, David Bailey, Bert Stern. It was a fun time of a girl with doll parameters 31- 21- 32 and a weight of 90 pounds, “her face is her brand, cause the body is not exactly there. Even for a photo model, which is usually flat as a board, Twiggy was too skinny”. Leslie turned into a girl-brand very quickly. It seems she was everywhere – not only on the cover of magazines, but also on the lunch boxes and water bottles. Under her brand name appeared also coloring books, paper dolls, stockings, dresses and knitting machines! Yardley has produced not only false eyelashes Twiggy, but also bi-colored eyeliner: light was needed to create a “break open” look and dark was meant to lengthen the lower eye lashes by simply drawing them. Today, you can buy her perfumes, ballet flats or skinny jeans.




Twiggy – a fanatical opponent of Botox, has never done and will never do injections, which are considered harmful for the body and facial expressions. She is convinced that Botox turns people into monsters. At the same time, the supermodel has nothing against plastic surgery. Like many other models, while being a school girl, Leslie thought of herself as ugly duckling and was not happy at all with their appearance. She was particularly depressed by the absence of chest and her too skinny legs (her classmates even invented appropriate nickname – “Stick”).
She believed in herself only after the image has changed, and short hair for boys and thick fluffy eyelashes become her trademark. By the way, for the first time it took 7 hours of work in Leonard’s hair salon to make a charming blonde with eyes of a Bambi out of a gray mouse.




In 2009 Twiggy appeared in a center of a photoshop scandal. Retoucher, who was working on Leslie’s pictures for eye cream advertising, became too enthusiastic and “erased” from her face almost all wrinkles. Once the secret was out, the British top model wrote more than 700 complaints, which have expressed her dissatisfaction with this fraud. Twiggy sees an aging process quite philosophically. On the contrary, she is working diligently to make people bid farewell to adolescence and to increase in them an optimism. She also wrote a book called “How to look fabulous after 40” and developed a line of clothes for Marks & Spencer. Twiggy advocates for a healthy lifestyle – she prefers healthy foods and exercises on daily basis. Twice a week, Leslie goes to the gym and takes tap dancing classes.

Veronika Mudra is a Former model with exquisite taste in Fashion as she learned from walking the runway. she believes that #Lovewins and has a sharp mind.