There is one safe and magical place where girls and boys can make friends and great memories during summer. The name of this place is Summer Camp. There, they are taught values such as teamwork

There is one safe and magical place where girls and boys can make friends and great memories during summer. The name of this place is Summer Camp. There, they are taught values such as teamwork and cooperation – all while surrounded by lakes, mountains and open spaces. More often than not, kids find out who they are and what makes them tick. Here, to help you take your kid out of the house, we listed the best 10 summer camps in the country and they all offer something different.


1. Cheley Colorado Camp, Colorado

Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in the country. This is the place for kids who love adventure and the outdoors. This camp is located at the Rocky Mountain National Park. It is an amazing place for kids that offers a number of activities from hiking to archery and rifle use.

Info: P: 970-586-4244    F: 970-586-3020

Email: office@cheley.com




2. Four Winds Westward Ho Camp, Washington State

Situated on Orcas Island near Seattle, Washington, Four Winds Westward Ho is a place where kids can get away from technology and modern comforts and discover new friendships and interests in the great outdoors.

Info: (360) 376-2277




3. Virginia State Parks YCC, Virginia

This three-week residential program allows kids to live and work in the state park, preparing meals, performing chores and enjoying nature.

For something completely different, consider the Virginia State Parks Youth Conservation Corps.

Info: 800-933-7275




4. Camp Wicosuta, New Hampshire

What about some girl power? This all-girls camp in New Hampshire is located just south of the White Mountains on Newfound Lake. Girls enjoy water sports, creative arts, horseback riding and other outdoor adventures at Camp Wicosuta.

Info: (603) 744-3301




5. Thrill Coaster Tours

There’s nothing traditional about this camp. This teen program is all about roller coasters. Thrill Coaster Tours allows kids to visit various amusement parks and try out different roller coasters all over the country. The “campers” travel by luxury bus and stay at Marriott hotels as they go from city to city.

Info: (888) 542-4842




6. Sanborn Western Camps, Colorado

This is an adventure dream! Located on 6,000 acres of aspen, spruce, and ponderosa pine-filled forests, an hour west of Colorado Springs, Sanborn Western Camps provide the perfect place for kids to do everything from fly-fishing to horseback riding and community service to science projects.

Info: (719) 748-3341




7. Camp in Medomak, Maine

Hello, Stephen King! Located in mid-coast Maine on more than 200 acres, Camp in Medomak is unique because for the whole family. It can host up to a dozen families at a time and there are activities for adults and children alike. Each family gets their own cabin, while the food and activities are preplanned to ensure a relaxing and fun environment.

Info: 1-866-MEDOMAK




8. JCC Camp Chi, Wisconsin

This is the  ultimate destination for Jewish campers between the ages of 9 and 16. JCC Camp Chi is an overnight camp for both boys and girls and it has a history that dates back nearly a century.

Info: (608) 253-1681




9. Plantation Farm Camp, California

This is a California classic! If you’re looking for a sustainable, environmentally-conscious summer camp, Plantation Farm Camp is an immaculate choice. Located among the beautiful Sonoma Redwoods on the California coast, the farm dates back 150 years. While the activities are numerous and entertaining, it’s the interaction with the plants, animals and nature in general that is the most memorable aspect.

Info: (707) 847-3494




10. Camp Shane — New York and Arizona

For campers who want to shed some pounds, Camp Shane has more than four decades of experience in helping youngsters launch healthy, maintainable lifestyles. Children of all shapes and sizes will feel welcomed and empowered. In addition to learning about eating right and exercising, campers gain social skills through fun activities.

Info: (914) 271-4141




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