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Shaving Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain!

Let’s face it. Shaving is a hassle. It can be uncomfortable, painful, and way too expensive. We avoid it whenever we can as the benefits rarely outweigh the downsides. Most of us don’t shave daily and

Let’s face it. Shaving is a hassle. It can be uncomfortable, painful, and way too expensive.
We avoid it whenever we can as the benefits rarely outweigh the downsides. Most of us don’t shave daily and dread the days on which we have to shave for a work meeting or family reunion.
What is it about shaving that makes it so intolerable? And is there a way to upgrade the experience so that it’s not only bearable, but effortless and even fun?

Just a few of the things that make shaving such a pain:
Here’s why shaving is such a pain:


Pulling and Tugging

Most razor blades are so close together that several of the blades often grab onto a single hair at once. This causes painful pulling and tugging as multiple blades try to cut the same hairs at the same time.







Razors usually have very little space between each blade. Because of this hair and shaving cream can easily get stuck requiring time and effort to keep the razor clean.





Inflexible Blade Cartridges

Traditional razors have always been designed with inflexible blade cartridges that can easily miss hair when trying to shaved in curved areas. No wonder shaving under your nose or ears is such a pain!






Limited Pivoting Action

Most razors pivot from the bottom of head, moving in only one direction. Such limited pivoting action makes shaving frustrating, as it’s nearly impossible to have maximum control while shaving at certain angles.

Fully Exposed Blades

Razors often have fully exposed blades with no protection for your skin causing razor burn and skin irritation. This is the reason so many of us experience severe discomfort and pain immediately after shaving and as a result avoid it at all costs.


The good news is new trends are emerging in the razor industry, leaving customers with more advanced razors to choose from and completely revolutionizing the shaving experience. Over the past 8 years, an R&D team of top engineers and product designers have worked passionately to re-engineer the art of shaving from the ground up, questioning every convention and pushing the boundaries of technology and design. Introducing Defendera superior shave that costs less, lasts longer, and feels better.


How is Defender different than existing razors on the market?

Here are 5 ways in which Defender will revolutionize your everyday shaving experience, making it as easy and fun as possible.

1) No More Pulling & Tugging

Defender has extra space between each blade which greatly reduces pulling and tugging. Finally you can enjoy a painless shaving experience that won’t leave you frustrated and upset, even when shaving once a week. Where do I sign up?

2) No Clogging

If you’re not the kind of guy who shaves everyday
(and most of us aren’t), you’re probably used to having your razor clog up after just one or two strokes. Not only is clogging uncomfortable, but it makes shaving a long and annoying process. With extra wide spacing under each blade, Defender allows for effortless rinsing, eliminating the typical mess that comes with shaving, and saving you a whole lot of time.

3) Customizable Blades

Defender offers 3 blades – regular, sensitive, and extra sensitive, specifically for your skin type. All of Defender’s blades have a protective coating on the blade itself, which are covered with blade guards for safety. The sensitive blades have extra coating and more protection from the blade guards. For head shavers sensitive blades are best, whereas if you get frequent ingrown hairs and bumps, or can normally only use an electric razor,  extra sensitive razors are the way to go.

4) Pivoting

Sure all razors pivot, but only the Defender is engineered to pivot from the center allowing it to bend smoothly both directions for maximum control when shaving at any angle. Now that’s the kind of state-of-the-art technology we’re talking about.


5) Embedded Safety Guards

Say goodbye razor burn and skin irritation!  With Defender, each blade is mounted separately with its own embedded safety guard to protect the skin and prevent nicks, cuts and irritation. Finally you can enjoy a painless morning shave!



Now for a limited time, you can purchase the Defender handle, 1 blade and a special suction cup holder, which holds your razor in the most hygienic, convenient manner (another Defender innovation) for only $4.95 – shipping included. 


Visit www.defenderrazor.com

and see what all the buzz is about.

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